New Platform (CLOSED)


well the new platform is up and running what a mess they made of it lost our friends list points blogs everything cant add anything to my account so why don’t LPUHQ Lorenzo put more info out when will we get these parts of our account back ? give us what we want more info not same link over and over again


Apparently they’re still in the process of uploading all of our old stuff.


According to the email they sent out a while ago:


Chris you are to clever for that playground,dude…ever more of the same wouldn’t make it better, try to be more contructive inhere, please…Moaning rfom time to time - ok - normal…but only MOANING suc… omo @chrisstyles


Is there anybody who still can’t log in the site, like me? I will wait patiently, I’m just worried because no one told me yet that it’s completely normal, everybody had access to the site. Though it’s funny I’m still logged in here :smiley:


me! :wink: I think we have to be more patient :wink:


oh okay, so maybe this is totally normal :smiley: I’m glad you showed up with the same problem :smiley:


@nefermiw there lot of my friends that are LPU members still cant lok in even with reset and there using there email they firs registered with so your not alone think they made real mess with this new platform should got it all sorted before allowing us to return because lot people I know on fb very frustrated that they cant login to there accounts and never got the reactivate account email


@theearlywalker might right to moan I pay my membership like everyone else here ok :wink: big huggies


I never got a reactivation email either. I just requested one myself by pretending not to know my password. That’s how I received a reset password email and got able to login again.

Perhaps this will work for others too?


hugs lol, but aren´t you tired of this? For my part I like to say I AM…


That’s what I did :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! Activation Emails haven’t gone out just yet. We are close! Thanks guys.


hey you guys @lpuhq we respect and enjoy your work on the migration so far :relaxed:


@lpuhq1 all I want to know is one simple thing with simple reply not the same link over & over again you keep sending to me I just want to know if we will be able to add friends again do you know how frustrating it is to get same link same comment every single time ? just tell me if we will be able to add other members again thanks for your reply waiting eagerly for your response


@theearlywalker nope I’m not :wink: and I know how it gets to you so I will have my say as an LPU member because I’m free to air my views like everyone else :wink: oki doki :wink:


sure but as kinda base of living things, this moaning bothers…if I imagine…show ya OTHERSIDE @chrisstyles
mb a great songs suggs? oki doki anyways…


@theearlywalker I got a really good side I just want one simple question reply from @lpuhq1 if we will get to add people again but they just refer to same link over & over again when we have all read it lots of times and yet they don’t seem to be able to respond to this simple question I know there not migrating friends list but just want to know if we will be able to ADD people again is that a hard question to get a reply from @lpuhq1and not same link over and over again


I think this case at last explain itself = virtual space= $$$$$$$$$$$$$= no friend list, no space [ imagine the volume, we were all linked with our data to each friend…watta space it costs, friends lists are DELETED forever I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

still wait for a song sugg from yaside dude @chrisstyles


I know list was deleted but not so hard to let us know if we will be able to add again right ? you want a song try this one ok :wink: @theearlywalker