New Single and Merchandise


HI guys! I’m so excited because LPU has some new merchandise and is selling a new single. Who all like Linkin Park and does anyone know if their gonna do a concert?


what do you mean?


I think you mean Mike Shinoda, he’s releasing a new album in June and playing concerts :slight_smile:


@rickvanmeijel Yea thats what I meant and ku do u know when his concerts are? Just wondering! :heartpulse::joy:


To keep up with concerts, I always check LPLive on twitter and their website. Here’s a list of all upcoming shows so far:

There’re several threads about MS shows here as well


@rickvanmeijel Thank you for the info!:heartpulse::revolving_hearts::gift_heart:


You’re welcome! :smiley:


@rickvanmeijel U seem nice. Can I ask u a question?:innocent:


Oh well, I try to be :smile: ask away


@rickvanmeijel How long have u been a Linkin Park fan?


There’s also Mike’s website


For about 10 years I think. I got interested around 2008, then didn’t really pay attention during A Thousand Suns, then became a big fan when Living Things came out.


The LPU merchandise isn’t exactly new, they are from past years of the fan club, but it is still cool. I bought a handful of both pins


@rickvanmeijel Thats cool. I got into it because of my dad. How old are you currently?


Your dad must be very cool then :smiley:
I’m 20, and you?


My dad is preaty cool. He listens to lots of metal music but I liked Linkin Park the best out of all of them. I’m 7 years younger than you. I’m 13. Preaty young, I guess. :frowning_face::ok_hand:


Hi hows ur day been going?


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It seems you may be new to using a forum, and there’s nothing wrong with that, just pointing you in the right direction!


Thanks for the notice! And I am new to this as you can already tell. Im such a pro! Im playing though, but I do need some more guide around here.


There’s a bot you can message that helps you get to know the forum a little better