New Song opinions


So…what did you guys think?

Noticeable tempo change from the boys…


i think the real story here is that for the first time linkin park has let an outsider in on their track, on a studio album.




Holy shit!! Mind blown!! Fucking amazing!!



I played it to my roommates and my guitarist (all of whom have kind of drifted away from LP) and it stunned them. They loved every bit of it. I’m looking forward to the new album! \m/




I loved each and every bit of this song ! LP did what I expected !!! Brad and Rob are back…

That ending was amazingggggg !




it’s definitely more of a “rock” approach than in recent years. If the album ultimately sounds more like this, then I’m even more excited for Carnivores.


I was expecting 90% of the lyrics to be up here already. I am disappointed.


Unpopular opinion here:

Song is decent, nothing to go gaga over. If it wasn’t for the fact that Linkin Park produced it, I would’ve closed the song in the first minute.

When Chester’s vocals hit, I thanked god it wasn’t a generic heavy metal song, like most people probably thought it was going to be.

That being said, I guess I am spoiled by QWERTY, which is their better heavier side.

At this point so early in the Album, like all of their singles, I am unimpressed. SHOW ME MOAR!


GUILTY ALL THE SAME LYRICS (75% complete - excluding Rakim’s verse)

Tell us all again / what you think we should be
What the answers are / what it is we can’t see
Tell us all again / how to do what you say
How to fall in line / how there’s no other way
But oh, we all know

Your guilty all the same
Too sick to be ashamed
You want to point your finger
But there’s no one else to blame x2

Your guilty all the same!

Show us all again / that our hands are unclean
That we’re unprepared / that you have what we need
Show us all again / cause we cannot be saved
Cause the end is near / now there’s no other way
And oh, you will know

Your guilty all the same
Too sick to be ashamed
You want to point your finger
But there’s no one else to blame x2

There’s no one else to blame
Guilty all the same!

Guilty all the same! x2

Your guilty all the same!

–(From LP Association)


instrumentals were phenomenal, can’t believe they let a non-member feature on an album track though. also woulda liked more shinoda, but overall I liked it a lot and it seems as of good things are ahead!!! (:


I’m glad to hear them going back to their heavier roots but I’m a little bit disappointed. Not sure if I just need to listen to it some more, but it sounded too demo-like for me. I think maybe I’ve got used to their ultra produced albums they’ve been putting out more recently. I’ll keep listening, I think it’ll grow on me


THIS IS THE FKNG BEST SONG EVER OF ALL TIME! The only thing i would change is that the rap should be rapped by Mike! But this song beats everything!!


Most of us like GATS already. So guys, see what Chester has tweeted \o/


When I just entered on my Facebook today I saw something that made me out of breath!!
A new song!!! How was that!!! I mean, we all knew that LP would came a surprise for us fans by these days, and it was totally possible that it could be a new single, but man… I was shocked when I saw it!!
And than, when I listen to “GUILTY ALL THE SAME”, it was more than what I expected! It is awesome!! so heavy!! just what LP used to be!! i simply love it!!!


[quote=LPradeepS]Most of us like GATS already. So guys, see what Chester has tweeted \o/


Sorry everyone but The song sounds so so so so bad to me. It reminds me of the Pirates of The Caribbean soundtrack with a little extra distortion. Chester sounds horrible too, it’s like he’s struggling so much to sing. Horrible, just horrible. I hope the rest of the album will be much better


How in the world do you download it off vimeo?