New sound of One more light


I would like to comment on so many people that have an issue with your new album and the way the sound of Linkin park have changed over the years.
It is absolutely remarkable how you guys have been able to change and evolve your music and still stay so extremely successful.
I don’t there was ever a band that have changed so much and still kept going for so many years.
You always come up with new and innovative music and I love it.
Do not mind the trolls commenting, half of them probably can’t even play an instrument, never mind produce something that is loved the world over.
Thanks for keeping it real!
I am amazed by every new album and hope it will continue.
Love you guys!


I’m glad someone thought the same thing as me. It’s wonderful that this album has a new sound. I enjoy it alot


Every time a new album was released and someone inevitably complained about the new sound or feel of it, I play back in my mind the interview I watched one time with Chester commenting that they make music for them (the band), and what they liked, and if people liked it great. It always ends up replaying in my mind, and how much people end up liking it anyways. Or at least a handful of songs on each one. He also explained their view that if they didn’t like or feel it, then how were they supposed to expect the fans to buy in? They need to keep it fresh. Otherwise you may as well just pick your favorite album and only listen to that one for ever more. I also remember hearing all the flack about how OML was the worst album they ever heard…until Chester left us that horribly sad day. Now OML has so much more meaning to those same folks prompting some to claim it as their new favorite. Greatly understandable. But all those changes all those years produced so many incredible songs that we might not have to enjoy now if the band just stuck with one formula. I for one have loved the brilliant transformation LP has gone through from Hybrid Theory to OML. And none of it sounded stale. That’s the mark of a group who’s music lasts for generations and not just a few years. Awsome!


I love how linkin park change though out the years and there music change too. That what a band is supposed to and they found a way to becoming so successful doing it. I see in a interview that Chester said that the song goodgoodbye is a Direct f##k you to all the critics that talk shit about the band. I love one more light this is one of my favorite. I hope they will continue to make great songs.


That’s whats kept me with Linkin Park over the years, if they kept the sound the same way that they did with Hybrid Theory/Meteora. I don’t think I would be as interested in there music as I am currently :smiley: