New Stone Temple Pilots song: Meadow


STP is back!! They released a song with new singer Jeff Gutt.

This is the first new material since Chester left the band in 2015. What do you think?


He’s from a band called Dry Cell, on a few of the songs he sounds like Chester. I guess they wanted someone who sounded close to Chester.


He actually sounds ridiculously similar to the original singer Scott Weiland. Listen to this performance for example:


In DC he sounded like Chester lol. I think they found a good mix of both singers.


That was really good! I can hear a little of both Scott and Chester in his voice. I’m glad to see them continue on.


I’m sooo looking forward to this:


It may sound dumb- but who is the singer in the band actually? And thanx for the info @rickvanmeijel, looking forward too :grin:


Jeff Gutt, he was in Dry Cell, sounds pretty close to Chester in a few songs.


Thanx Rob @the_termin8r


Another song from their upcoming album. Really love this one


The new Album was released this Friday!
Really love it! How about you @rickvanmeijel , do you like it ? Juff Gutt did an amazing job on this!


I liked it but I think they’ve made better albums. Gutt is indeed an amazing singer, he fits really well

Update: The album has grown on me. I find myself listening to it more and more last few days. STP’s music always sounds so sexy haha