New Tatoo


I’ve wanted this forever and finally found someone able to translate my design exactly, with Chris at Mainly Custom Tatoos in Kittery Maine. Thanks Chris!!

It’s my everlasting tribute to the band I love so much!


Sorry the big pix not working. I’ll repost when I fix it. It’s the same as my avatar pic anyways…just bigger.


Nice!!! what does it say? Mine is my profile pic to


Mine’s the sun w/logo and "Give Me The Strength Of The Rising Sun"
I like yours. How old is it? Looks VERY new


Thanks i wanted it to stand out with color I got it in June it was my anniversary gift from my hubby everyone around me was like WHY would u get that …I have my reasons and I LUV it and show it proudly and that’s all that matters \m/


Hope you don’t mind me commenting but I love both of those tattoos, I would love to get one similar, I am still playing around with ideas. I hate when people question tattoos when you love something so much you ink your skin to me it’s because of the impact the person, music, character, symbol has on your life. I think both tattoos are amazing and very worth it.
Enjoy Forever!


Thank so much! I designed mine myself. I’ve wanted one forever and knew it had to be LP related, it just took me forever to decide on the proper tribute.It’s one of those things you’ve gotta think long and hard about since it’ll be there forever you know? While sooo many of the words to their songs resonate with me, this seemed fitting as I’m part Passamaquoddy Indian, “The People of the Sun/Dawn”. I plan to get their flag on my other shoulder sometime. It’ll probably be awhile though since this was my first tat at 30yrs old and I’m certainly not going to cover myself. Let me know if you decide on anything…I’d love to find out what you get!