New to LPU..hello


Hello! I’m new here! Been a fan of LP since 2000…
I don’t usually interact much with People due to socio-phobia. But I really want to be a part of this amazing LP family!
Hope everybody Will have a Nice day/evening/night! :slight_smile:


Hey bud! Welcome and I’m sure you’ll feel at ease
I think a few of us are that way too-I know I am- but you always feel welcome and included here :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @buta, I am new too! #excited
But I am glad to know that LP family’s were out there and very nice to each other. Nice to know you :slight_smile:


Hellooo new soldiers @buta and @merylfm ! Welcome! :rofl:


Nice to meet your all! @lpfan61 @framos1792 @merylfm
Where are you guys from? :slight_smile:


Italyyyyy! :rofl: you?


I am from Mexico but am I’m in the us of a


Welcome to the LPU family! :grinning:


I’m from Sweden :slight_smile:


Welcome to your big family.

I’m from Guatemala. Come to play with us in the game’s area.


Hey welcome. It’s super nice here so feel like at home :slight_smile:


Thank you! It’s so Nice to be here. Hopefully I Will get the hang of this app and find my way around soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello @buta welcome to the lp family i really hope that u injoy it here you will meet the most amazing people here.


Hi @buta I wish you a great experience with this amazing #LPFamily!


Hi everyone, happy thanksgiving :heart:



Hi all plus welcome to lpu


@buta welcome on bord soldier and thanx for you honesty straight out! :muscle:t2:That’s soldiers style! :sunny:️ Enjoy our cozy lil paradies- good you found your way to the lpu-family finally :blush:


Welcome to our family!! Enjoy your stay!


Hi! Have good day everyone! Much :heart:️:metal::pray: