New to LPU..hello


Hello! Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you still around newbie? @buta? And heeya @framos1792 all fine your side of the ball? :earth_asia:?


Alls good west side :sweat_smile: getting colder but nowhere near as cold as I’ve heard over there haha work kinda sucks with weak lung capacity :stuck_out_tongue: but a good challenge haha and wel just trying to get a grasp on finals coming up :bowing_man:


Oh hey glad to have you here! I’m Nick from China. Hope you can meet incredible people in this family!


Welcome to the lp family injoy it here


@theearlywalker yeah I’m still here. Just work have been kinda carzy this week… but Only 3 Days to go and then a full day off :grin:
@framos1792 haha yeah it’s cold, but today it was raining and not snowing so that’s Always something to be positiv about. Just take one day at a time:slight_smile:


@framos1792 what are you working with or studying?


Hey, my end goal is civil engineering but I’m working on getting a smaller degree in engineering design tech working on making plans etc


@framos1792 sounds complicated:):sweat_smile:


Welcome to the family, enjoy your stay :smiley:


Hi everybody! I love Linkin Park, I love being part of the Linkin Park family and happy to meet you all. God bless you.
#MakeChesterProud :pray:t3:


:heart_eyes: mexicana! Jaja bienvenida!
Happy to have you here! As we usually say, the easiest way to meet others here is to jump into the game areas as they are the most frequented and are used to chat :slightly_smiling_face:


As @framos1792 said: welcome to your new family.

In the area game the game most used as chat is The Last Letter Game, come there to play and meet some of the most crazy soldiers jajaja just kidding, we’re not the most crazy -yet.-


Yes! Im mexicana! Nice to meet you! And thanks for the tips! See u soon!


We’re neighbors then, I’m from Guatemala City, Guatemala. Also there is thread for us called Latin American Users if I don’t remember bad. Something we speak there.


Welcome @claos ! Hope you enjoy staying here! :smile: :sun_with_face:


Excelente!!! Muchas gracias!!!


Welcome! :smiley:


Welcome to lpu injoy it here @claos


Thanks a lot @hilaryfol !!!