New to the LPU!


I’m new to the LPU. and I have one question…
What’s your favorite Linkin Park album… and why?


[size=25]Welcome to LPU. Your question has been asked before, here’s ==>Favorite LP Album


Welcome to the LPU family, Cody :smiley:


my favourite album is living things becuase it is soo energetic and fun!.. add me please im new


heey cody , i´m new here too my favourite album is meteora and living things because i like the old style of lp but new style is fucking great too [smile] and welcome :slight_smile:


welcome Cody! I really couldn’t choose but I guess if I had to it would be between living things and ATS


Welcome dude! :slight_smile: My favourite now is LIVING THINGS, sorry its perfect. But to an extent ATS draws with it, I just find LT more listenable atm :D.


Hi Cody! Welcome to the LPU family! Have a great time here:)


hey Cody I’m new as well, and my fav album/albums would be Minutes to Midnight and Living Things.


Heey Cody, I’m new here too :slight_smile: and my favourite album is Hybrid Theory but now I’m obsessed with Living Things of course :slight_smile:


Hi there! i’m new too, i think my favourite album is Meteora, all album was great, and i love how linkin park have evolved, but Meteora, Hybrid theory are still the best for me :slight_smile:


hi cody welcome to linkin park underground and my favorite linkin park album right now is living things


I’m new too. I’d say that my favortie one is Living Things because I can see every faces of the previous albums in it, the Nu-Metal energy from Hybrid Theory & Meteora, the soft rock and melodic approach of Minutes To Midnight and the electronical experiences of A Thousand Suns.