New Years Resolutions


:astonished: no wayyyyyy-not bad :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If covers are freebies then I know “love yourself” in acoustic :roll_eyes::grimacing:


On topic though, 2018 is a fast fucking year.


Ahh, adulthood :joy:


You’ve been silent on this topic :thinking: care to share :grimacing:


About being an adult?


No :joy: resolutions/goals


Ahh lol, I guess I’m not one to talk much on that matter, mine are a lot more different usually from others.


:upside_down_face:? :thinking: you failed the main one… you became an onion :roll_eyes::grimacing: hehe buuuuut…you diiiiiiid play a part in forming and joined the nerdstice league :stuck_out_tongue: so there’s that :joy:


You were the first onion :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Done with Rock en Seine :star_struck:
  • I keep running, sometimes it’s more once the two weeks but I’m proud that I keep running
  • I spent 4 days in London and i’ll probably go to Prague for the new year eve. Norway and Canada will have to wait. :blush:
  • 0% :roll_eyes:
  • 0% because I don’t know if I want to get a new job or if I want to travel before getting a new job, and if I want to travel i won’t pay a rent for nothing. But it’s difficult to quit a job for the unknown, so I’m still thinking about it. Maybe next year for this one. :blush:


My one is going both excellently and atrociously. :joy:


I knew someone was gonna quote this! :joy::joy:

As expected bro! :smiley::joy:

I didn’t type my resolutions… no progress :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Has anybody started thinking about 2019 resolutions yet?


More disappointment :grimacing::joy:
No not yet :sweat_smile:


I have some thoughts for 2019, but not anything major or new.

As for a late progress update…

I ended up losing about 40 pounds this year, but that happened pretty early on (like June) and I stopped trying as hard after that. I’m eating better (mostly), but I wasn’t as active as I had hoped to be. Hoping to stay on this better in 2019.

That Devotee badge didn’t happen, which kinda leads to a possible new resolution for 2019: responding to people more. I’ve mentioned this at some point this year, but I picked up a bad habit of not replying to people much this year, and not out of spite or anything, it just slips my mind and by the time I realize, it seems awkward to respond. I feel like I wasn’t very active here especially and lost some connection to my friends here and I’m sorry about that


I guess, to answer my own question, it’s more or less the same;

- More time for my bike. I did manage to ride a lot this year, but I often found myself making excuses, mainly because of the humidity most days. I need to learn to just bite the bullet, and maybe start just riding to work everyday in the summer (when it’s not raining).

- Basketball. That didn’t happen at all this year. Maybe on those days that it does rain, I could shoot around after work or something. In addition to the court we have outside the building, there are also two gyms inside. The smaller of which is literally across the hall from our office.

- The devotee badge. As I said last year, although it would be nice to achieve, it’s also impossible to do so when my dad and I go camping every summer.

I’m also going to try and develop smarter eating habits as well. If nothing else, just substituting some foods out for others.


That badge is asking a lot of someone. Once a week would be more realistic


How nice to find this thread back- :heart_eyes: and you guys talking @LP13413 and @jFar920 :blush:- had to look up what the devotee badge means. It’s really a goal to get it- but imo especially you both ( and a few guys like maybe @evooba, or @intheend :wave:t2: hey residential pet) should get a special badge for being here longest and most frequently since I joined the lpu. Anyway good going for getting the badge :four_leaf_clover:

Happy to hear that you eat better and losing 40 pounds, woow Jordan :fist:t2:!! Respect!! That’s absolutely great! Good luck with eating healthier :+1:t2:

And for you Andi: the rate that you wrote here that you rode your bike the last year was good ( just my feeling with my standards :see_no_evil:) anyway- I wish you the best for your resolutions for 2019 :tada:

which reminds me to think about making resolutions for the new year or not to begin with :joy: … if I made the decision I’ll tell it here.

And in general it’s very nice to read how your plans worked out guys- keep it going :sunny::yellow_heart:


To get the devotee badge you need to have no life (like me :joy:) and come on here multiple times a day. Or just leave the forums open in a tab.

OT: What are you still doing up @theearlywalker?


Same question to you :joy::joy: and I ended up sleeping in at 7pm yesterday- so my inner clock decided to work stable and to wake me up at 2:30 :clock230: am :joy:.

Wasn’t it you who had to get up tomorrow early too?

And ofc I have it too :stuck_out_tongue: the Devotee one :joy: