New Years Resolutions


No, I have to be up in 8h. Do you really think I can sleep with my screwed sleep pattern recently? :joy:


Lol and nice we share the same mess tonight - :joy: and ending up here with you here in the middle of the night is actually a pleasure- :blush: checking out some threads now… yours is updated too :+1:t2:


My thread has a mega post in it, a good 1.5K words. Lol

I’m going to try and sleep (and probably fail miserably). See you around.:vulcan_salute:


Goodnight Rob :zzz: good rest and 1500??? Woow- ok… cya around :blush::sunny:


I have it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As for the year… :thinking: I usually don’t make plans… :no_mouth:


I didn’t know what a Devotee badge is until I checked. Apparently I have it since January of 2016 :stuck_out_tongue:


The badge is newer than that I think, but that’s when you would have got it had it been a thing back then.


(lets dogs fart on @framos1792)


I’m not setting any concrete resolutions, but I do wanna work on things. Getting better at playing guitar and piano, reading more books, maybe even starting a new sport…


No yet, maybe this week I’ll do :sweat_smile:


Well this will sound melodramatic to some but honestly my resolution is to stay alive by “choice” as well as doing a few things a day to make my tomorrows better, even if it’s as simple as brushing my teeth.

Every time I set huge goals, I end up burning out fast and falling back so hard and then I don’t touch it again for months or even years. With depression, it is better for me to take things one step at a time. Thankfully I have trusted people and resources to help me with this.


Not melodramatic at all! In fact it’s a wonderful resolution. I’m glad you have people around you that support you. Loads of strength to you. Also, welcome to the forums @claritea . I hope you have a wonderful Christmas


@AJ_7 thank you that means a lot! Cherry Mristmas to you as well!:christmas_tree::gift:


I just have one for the next year, if I have success in that one, I’ll continue with the publication of my first book.

And that one is:
Lose the fear to talk with the people.


Me too bro, I wish you the best with this.


I think I already blew the Devotee badge for 2019. Was tired and busy yesterday and forgot to check the forum. Time to make 2020 resolutions


That was fast man :joy:- nevertheless - have a great year Jordan :four_leaf_clover: