New Zealand Concert 2013


Hello. I’m going to Linkin Park Concert February 21st. I have got two tickets, I’m not sure who I’m taking yet. I was wondering if there is any NZ LPUers who don’t have a ticket but want to go. Depends on family members though. Maybe a nice female :slight_smile: can go to LPU Summit with me.
Txt… 0278499739


very kind :slight_smile:


Thats very nice of you, if I wasn’t already going I’d definitely take you up on it,
Hope you find someone (: Goodluck!


i wish i lived there! i would love to go!


Does anyone know when we get our early entry lanyards?


Keith, the lanyard is part of your LPU membership package if you already have the lpu11 or 12 lanyard that is it.
If you have not received your lanyard before the concert, what you need to do is print out the receipt for your membership and bring that and your ID to your show. Event staff and the LPU staff working the show are all informed on this and are ready to assist anyone needed early access who haven’t received their laminate yet.


Awesome! Thanks for your help Chris Morgan, Appreciate it