New Zealand LPUers


Hey everyone!

I was just wondering if there are any other kiwi LPU members at the moment?
I’d love to chat to you guys =]


Hey I’m from New Zealand. I live in Christchurch. I went to the sold out Auckland concert back in 2007. Best night ever!


NZ LPU’er here!
I wonder how many of us there are?
You think LP will be coming down here for the Living Things tour?


I hope they come here for the Living Things tour.I missed them last time.


Yeah I hope they come to NZ for LIVING THINGS tour too, it sounds as though they are going to Australia in Feb / March for Soundwave Festival so hopefully add an NZ tour date around that time aswell.


LP will be here in Feb =)


Ive just join the LPu. Hope could get tickets for February.


Hi fellow Kiwi fans. It’s nice to know there are a few of us down here!! I went to both concerts when LP was here last and had no voice for 3 weeks after!!! I expect a repeat in Feb. Hope we all get a meet and greet!! Bring on Monday =)


There are a few of us! I too have just joined up (again). Have been an on and off member over the years. Went to both Auckland gigs in 2007 and looking forward to Feb next year.


New Plymouth fan here - can’t wait for Feb!!


well its gonna be awesome thats for sure


I’m In Christchurch, I just rejoined, Bring it on February, I can’t wait.
What a Great year, Slash with Myles Kennedy first Now the Return of the Greatest Concert from 2007


No need to line up 4 hours prior to the show this time. LPU laminate = early entry. This is quite possibly the best idea they have had. Andddddd Guaranteed meet and greet as I have been LPU for many a year. Can’t wait.


Hi i am fron Whangarei, i am existed the band is coming in next feb


I have a guaranteed meet and greet so I will see you all there =) It’s gonna be an awesome day.


I’m a brand new LPUer! It awesome LP coming to NZ! I haven’t seen them live yet. I so badly want to get a ticket.


Remind me how LPU presale works? They give us a code that we use? How and when do we get the code? Can’t believe it was 07 when they last came.


Hey guys i heard the presale for linkin park members starts on monday 27 at 12pm is that true? how we should buys those tickets


I have been a member off and on since 2005, so was extremely excited to see the guys are coming back in February… Saw them at both shows in 2007, went to the meet & greet then which was awesome. Looking forward to doing it all again! Bring it on!!


They must send out an email about the presale a? I see one about the Argentina presale so they must send us one before midday monday.I had a meet and greet with them last time and I was totally speechless. If i get one this time I will have to try and be less Star-Struck!! Fingers crossed :wink: