Hey guys, Joined a few days back - just thought I’d put myself out there. This sounds totally nerdy but what do you guys do? Like - what do you use your LPU membership for?
Sounds weird but… meh


im new too joined a week ago im not too good buuut you could try to get as many points as possible so you can get lpu merch theres the live chat rooms the lpu albums and pre sale tickets with reduced pricing also were invited to meet and greets for concerts ect. buut like i said im new as well XD


Well, everything! Blog, chat with friends, meet new people, kill time watching LPTV or LPUTV and chatting on the chat room, mostly when the guys are on tho.



Mostly browsing/posting the forums and checking out interesting people/friends.


How do you get points? And how do you know when the guys are on chat?


I went to the lpu only concert last Friday at house of blues in LA which only held 1200 people… So that was pretty damn special. I I’ve been to 4 concerts before that and this was by far the best! They showed the fans their full energy.

I’m always checking out and posting on the forums for cool topics. We even had several forum posts talking strictly about the concert and I ended up meeting all of them in person. We all exchanged numbers beforehand. I hope they do another intimate show maybe in the Midwest or something closer.

I’m going to the summit in jersey on august 17 which is also my actual wedding anniversary.

Oh and I also got to meet some members of the band…

I’ve been a fan of LP forever but just found out about LPU at last years concert when he dedicated a song to LPU cuz the summit was here… So then I went to go find out what it’s all about…

It’s been awesome so far. Wish I knew about it a long time ago.


Thanks for the responses guys


[quote=EvoOba]Well, everything! Blog, chat with friends, meet new people, kill time watching LPTV or LPUTV and chatting on the chat room, mostly when the guys are on tho.


It is usually announced beforehand when the guys will do a live video chat by e-mail, though Mike sometimes make spontaneous chats. I sadly missed the one he did a few weeks ago - was stuck in a train with no internet access. :wink:


i’d like to know how you know when the guys are on too.


i’m quite new to this site too so trying to learn everything. So you get sent an email when they are going to be on live chat?


Yes, the LPUnderground news mail - you can see if you have the box checked for artist announcements here:


thanks so much for that, have now ticked the box.cheers.


I’m new, too. I basically registered to have a shot at the upcoming meet & greet in Landgraaf, but I’ll defenitely use the other features of LPU, too!


In the navigator there’s the What is LPU? page

I joined in early 2008 (LPU7) and since then I’ve made use of the chat room, message boards, pre-sale tickets, a meet and greet (and the upcoming Summit) plus have made some awesome friends in a really great community


Nice to meet you guys, I’m brand new here too :slight_smile:

And I have to say I’m totally excited! To be honest - right now I feel like “Alice in Wonderland” :smiley: Everything’s new for me, all the blogs, forums etc., but I feel I’m finaly a little bit closer to my the most favourite band the world. :slight_smile: I’ve been listening them for almost 10 years and now, I’m here, I’m talking with another fans and I’ve got a lot of possibilities to meet Linkin Park one day. WOW! I’m happy. I’m really happy about it :slight_smile: So - I think, this’s the main reason for me in this moment - just be here and enjoy this fabulous feeling. :slight_smile:


Another total newb here - just trying to get a feel for the site and meet some cool people on here - feel free to add as a friend (anyone reading this). Longtime LP fan though, met the guys a few times and have been to every show they’ve done in Toronto since the early days.


Welcome! I’m pretty new here too. Long time fan, though…wish I had found out about LPU a long time ago.


Welcome everyone! Thanks for all the responses too guys and thanks for helping me out


Hey, I’m a newbie too :slight_smile: I spend the majority of the time browsing and posting in the forums, as well as watching videos in the videos section.

Also, once tickets are announced for the UK, hopefully I can get one of the presage tickets!