Newbie from England


Greetings all !
My name is Jonathon Mirza
Age 29
Online Username Jhony Azrim
Stage Name Jhony Azrim (If I ever get on a Stage)
Location England

A little about me.
I have Aspergers, Multiple Learning Difficulties, Epilepsy, Reactive Depression and Mental Health Difficulties.
I know that sounds bad, but despite my problems I am not as Disabled as it might sound.
I have 9 GCSE Grades. and only two were Grade C, Music and ICT.
I have studied Contemporary Music Theory in Birmingham and despite never having been taught to play a piano, I taught myself how to play piano in two years, just from listening to music on youtube and watching piano tutorials on youtube.
From an early age I had a passion to be on stage and in the Performing Art’s.
In Fact I remember the first words I spoke as a baby, my mother had taken me to see my very first pantomime, it was loud, dark and scary and I was scared, and of course being 12 months old I cried.
Then the music started, and almost immediately I stopped crying.
The curtains went up and the dancers were there, I think something in my brain changed at that point, and I said, to my mother who was holding my in her lap, “can I do dat”, clear as anything, pointing at the stage, and smiling.
I think it took my mother a while to understand what I had just said, because she took it the wrong way.

From that day I was hooked on Music, Dancing, Acting and Performing-Arts for the rest of my life.
However I was never given any support or encouragement in this.

Another interest of mine used to be Computers, however I am no longer in a position to follow this as a career, I am still rather geeky about computers, but I try not to flaunt it.
Science was also an interest of mine, again I am no longer in a position to follow this either.
One of my Learning Difficulties is Dyscalculia, this is like Dyslexia but with numbers.
After Seven years of attempting to do a Functional Skills Maths Course, I am still not able to do basic maths with out a calculator, phone or computer.

I am now in a position where I regardless of being on benefits, I need to find a way to make some money. I am at risk of losing my current accommodation, and if I am to find a place to live in the future I need to find a band to join, or write a book.

One other problem I will mention here is despite having good vocabulary, and imagination, I sometimes have problems putting words in to appropriate sentences to communicate what I am trying to say.
My only method of dealing with this is writing music on my Roland Digital Piano.

Please let me know if I say or do anything inappropriate for this site and I will alter it as soon as I see the notification. You have my assurance I will not intentionally break any rules on any LP website or upset anyone.

If anyone would like to get to know me more, feel free to post all questions about me on this topic.
I could use the publicity.


Welcome to the forums! Thank you for joining us here and for sharing some info about yourself. Feel free the explore the many different topics on here and have fun!


Welcome to the forums newbie… Browse the topics I am sure you will find something good of your interest.
Have a good time on forums! :slight_smile: