Newbie in need of help


Hey, I’m really new here, I’m from the UK and tried to purchase the lpu 15 membership but when I filled everything in it says my postal code fails validation, does anybody know why this is? Thankyou


Are you entering the correct postcode? If I were you, I’d wait a few more days, LPU 16 will launch soon.


Yeah iv lived here all my life so…


Iv emailed HQ to see if they k ow what it’s about. Just wondered if it had happened to anybody else or anybody just in the UK. Thanks for replying :+1:t3:


Ok cool! Hope you figure it out.


The LPU 15 package can’t be purchased for now( at least, in Russia, there’s just no “buy” button). I think that’s because LPU 16 launches soon


First time I tried was the beginning of October


UPD: I think you should wait till LPU16. It launches next week


HQ are looking into it at the moment so hopefully will be sorted by next week


LPU 16 will have launched by next week, unless you really want 15 :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha il think il go for the 16 :grin:


Hi there, welcome to the LPU newbie :slight_smile:

This website went through a migration a few months ago so maybe that might be why in the beginning it didn’t really work for you. Other regulars on here had difficulty too with their accounts etc. It’s all fixed now but yeah, seeing how close the launch of LPU16 is, best to wait for that.

Enjoy your stay here at LPU"and have fun! :slight_smile:


also a newbie im trying to upload a pic of myself on here n i dont c any icon to click on to upload pix can anyone show me how to do it? plz n ty :slight_smile:


Just directly copy and paste a URL but are younsure you want to do it.


For your profile picture? then click Manage Account


LOL, I derped out hard :joy:


i found it tyvm iv got a yr to talk my husband into renewing my subsciption i just joined 2 days ago i had him look up when lpu membership started i had ordered lps new cd one more light n this was included 2 weeks b4 but i found out that i hadnt wasted 2weeks for nothing i had to activate it so here goe nothing… i hope i find an affordable package tickets or some kind of meet n greet idk tight budget


its showing as i type a reply but shows the K when it posts is that normal or am i doin something wrong? plz n ty


n/m i got it now wtf?!? its saying im posting n too fast lmao that shows off my typing skills :sweat_smile:


Welcome :joy: