Newspaper column on Chester: His loss still stings, but he continues to carry fans through troubling times


I’m a sports writer in Louisiana, and a longtime LPU member. I journeyed away from sports today, on Chester’s birthday (also mine). His loss still stings, and proves how powerful music can be.


Thanks for posting, really enjoyed reading it.


Nice article!thanks for talking about him…and btw happy birthday!! :sun_with_face:


Beautifully written! I specially loved this: “Chester Bennington chased away demons for millions of fans, but couldn’t shake his own.” Thank you for sharing. I hope that you have a happy birthday and celebrate for both you and Chester


Enjoyed your article. Music has been my friend since I was a child, just listening to the music and lyrics - I don’t sing or play either. Happy belated birthday! My wedding anniversary is also March 20th. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do (too).