Next line in the LP song


In the memory you’ll find me


Eyes burning up


The darkness holding me tightly


Until the sun rises up

(Thanks @Marilau ! :blush: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: )


No worry :kissing_heart:
Now let’s do What we Don’t Know! My fav song :heart_eyes::heart:


I have to look the lyrics up lol, certain LP songs I’m still learning.


Then let me introduce you to it :blush:

If everything would just stop


Then maybe I could collect my thoughts :blush:


If everything would stand still

(I believe I’ve heard it, I just don’t know the lyrics. My favorite out of the unreleased songs on albums is qwerty)


I could’ve hidden how lost I feel


I should’ve said what I hear!


Is forgotten finished I take it


The next song is cure for the itch on hybrid theory but I will let Mr Hahn do that

Now Pushing Me Away

I’ve lied to you
The same way that I always do


Please :pray:t2: do we have to do it one by one for album? Just this break :crossed_fingers:t2:


Okay I can be flexible

But I really don’t know that one would you teach me


Thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart_eyes:
Of course!

Your turn from here! Since this is called “What We Don’t Know” we can copy the lyrics on internet as much as we want, this is the pre-chorus :blush:


I should’ve let myself fear
I should’ve made myself clear


So this is how we fall apart!


This is how the ending starts


Lol, is this right? It says this is the next line

And when we find we’ve lost our mark