Next LP-album-What like?


We know from LP that their trieng something different to every Album, but do you think they will go on like this too?
Till ATS they did, but LT was a Kind of mash up from all styles of the earlier Albums (not that it was bad). Do you think LP will stay with the Living Things-Style in the next Album or do you think they will do something new again?

I really don’t know -.-


I’d love for a return to the structure and complexity of ATS, mixed with some of the more forward styles of the LIVING THINGS tracks! :smiley: I’m happy for more interludes with the exception of them being in the style of ‘Fallout’. Electronica and alternative rock! Maybe a few more 4-6 minute tracks, with plenty of atmosphere. I’ll always expect LP to release something new and mind-blowing!


I would love if their new songs were like some of the LP Underground songs, such as: What We Don’t Know, I Have Not Begun, Unfortunate, Debris … It would be awesome


LP is in constant changing. Since the beginning I’ve being fan of them, and I like all their musics. But I think the ATS is very diferent of HB and Meteora. ATS is more electronic, and I like more the rock of HB and Meteora. Living Things, like you said, is the mix of all the work they did in the past. And, in my opinion, is a mixture in certain measures between rock and electronic, and I hope the new cd comes in the same style.


Whatever they do, I’m sure I’m gonna love it!