Nightmare Addicts?


Hey guys,

I am looing to form a band in Kent in England during Sixth Form that starts in January of 2017 and I was wondering, does anyone want to begin to be involved, but due to time constrictions and family life, I can only be approached by email for now.

I am a beginner drummer from Kent who loves in the music of bands like Fall out Boy, Dead by Sunrise, Linkin Park (obviously) Skillet, Evanescence and 30 Seconds to Mars. I will be taking drum lessons in the Summer so, hopefully my skills will be up.

I am looking for a bassist, 1 or 2 guitarists, 1 keyboard player, one DJ and one screamer and soft singer (preferably in one girl) and an emcee.

I look for this band members to be females, as, I think its times we show the guys we can rock just as hard as them!

Gender: Female
Age range: 16 - 17
Ethic group or race: Doesn’t matter
Sexuality: Doesn’t matter

As you long as you know how to play an instrument, then that’s fine by me!

Please, if your going to be in this band, please have a fun, maybe slightly crazy personality, ambition, determination and a friendly feel to you.



Good luck to you :+1:t5: