So does anyone like Nirvana?

I am listening to them alot lately. My fav songs include Smells Like Teen Spirit, Pennyroyal Tea and Rape Me :stuck_out_tongue:


I loooove Nirvana! Always have!
I love both Nevermind & In utero.
My fav Songs are Come As You Are, In Bloom, Rape Me, Something In the Way & Milk It


Like 'em, even if I don’t know every song they wrote…
Fav songs: Come As You Are, Smeels Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, Rape Me


Awwww Nirvana! I would kill to have seen them live at least once :(.


Nice choice in that last song woco xD


LOVE Nirvana!! Such a great band…if only Kurt was still around…


I used to listen to A LOT of Nirvana in my teens, my favourite has always been Lithium.


who doesn’t like something of nirvana :3


It sucks. The same year Cobain died, the Biebs was born


I just went to the EMP in Seattle a huge section about Nirvana really great if you’re near I would go


The first song my band covered was by Nirvana. Come As You Are. Awesome song, awesome band.


I love Nirvana. I’m such a grunge baby. :slight_smile:


I quite like them :slight_smile: not my favs but they r good :slight_smile:


RIP Kurt Cobain,

It’s been 18 years since this Music Legend nd very talented man hasn’t been with us anymore…


Like them.


Did anyone else catch Sir Paul performing a brand new song (Cut Me Some Slack) with Dave, Krist, and Pat at the 12.12.12 concert at MSG?