No digital CD download for 50$ bundle?


So yeah, i guess the title of this topic is pretty much self-explanatory …
I am just curious , are we able to digitally download LPU XIV if we bought 50$ bundle?
I bought it yesterday and I haven’t found any download links anywhere…


As far as I know, no. We haven’t been able to in the past either


Nope, only those that buy the digital version get an instant donwload


Hi☺️ do you know anything about offical bootlegs from the Hunting Party Tour? Thank you


They didn’t have them for the Carnivores Tour, so if assume they won’t for this coming one either, which is sad because it’ll be my first show without one


Ok thank you. I Hope it will be come.
(Sorry for Bad english, it will be better soon :sweat_smile:)