No Ending - The Unity of Us


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Verse 1
Here I stand again, my eyes are tired but still I stare
I’m trying to remember times when I was unaware
Times have changed and I don’t know where I am
Or who I am, can you save me from this because there is no ending?

Pre-Chorus 1
Searching for things that I can’t comprehend
Hoping this all comes to an end

Chorus 1
Going strong, I know I can pull through
On and on as I always do
I always feared there’d be no end
and now I ’ m just infront of it

Verse 2
Dwelling in blank spaces, surrounded by blank faces
The possible being impossible with no ending, I hate this
I wonder what I have to sacrifice
In order to enter paradise

Pre-Chorus 2
Searching for things so unclear
And this lack of clarity is what I fear

Chorus 2
There is no ending to this
And let it go don’t exsist
Starting all over again so it seems
It’s all over and the skies are dim

Verse 3
Everything has turned to ash
Never-ending desert covers me
I remember times i used to be dash
Now this nightmare leaves no chance to free
I know that things don’t always work out they way we hope
And we accept that they have no ending


shall I post the plan here? Then it’ll be easier to see who’s turn it is


What kind of rock should it be? Kinda guns’n’roses?


Verse 1
Line 1 jabinquaken
Line 2 NickGr
Line 3 rickvanmeijel
Line 4 the_termin8r

Pre-Chorus 1
Line 1 gatsie
Line 2 AJ_7

Chorus 1
Line 1 AJ_7
Line 2 acemasters
Line 3 lplovebug_Jess
Line 4 theearlywalker

Verse 2
Line 1 gatsie
Line 2 acemasters
Line 3 theearlywalker
Line 4 rickvanmeijel

Pre-Chorus 2
Line 1 rickvanmeijel
Line 2 the_termin8r

Chorus 2
Line 1 the_termin8r
Line 2 jabinquaken
Line 3 gatsie
Line 4 NickGr

Verse 3
Line 1 lplovebug_Jess
Line 2 NickGr
Line 3 AJ_7
Line 4 acemasters

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@jabinquaken you have the first line. I don’t really care what kind of rock. Just imagine what you want


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Well… I’ve just filled in all my lines all at once. Hope that’s okay with all of ya? :stuck_out_tongue:


@acemasters, you’re next!


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I don’t think @lplovebug_Jess isgoing to respond soon, so I will do her lines


I can take @lplovebug_Jess’s line in Verse 3 if she wouldn’t come by the time we get to it


@theearlywalker you need to do 2nd verse line 3 pleass



What do you want to do here?!?



I did @theearlywalker 's line and my lines. Now it’s @the_termin8r 's turn


Is it cuz Pat disappeared into the hospital?


sorry me in hospital,. maybe we can talk about a max time to write, if not then the one who brought the song up goes on… @samuel_the_leader thought you forgot as ya non contact shows, anyways…


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