No more poems a poem by me


there was something
now it’s nothing
no more writing
it’s called tongue biting

i am done
another poem is none
so enjoy your life
in your magnificent five

enjoy the silence
lack confidence
haters gonna hate
and i am just gonna shake


:neutral_face: :no_mouth: :slightly_frowning_face:


Creative freedom is one thing- a lot of underagers inhere the other- imo it’s inappropriate


I don’t personnaly think it’s innapropriate because I can understand why you wrote it. You didn’t do it to encourage suicide in any way obviously ; rather to take these feelings out of you, I presume.

There’s nothing wrong in expressing how you feel, because by putting it into a poem you take it out of your head.

Your poem itself wasn’t bad at all. I have to admit it sends shivers down my spine when I read the end. Same shivers I have when I hear Good Goodbye…

I hope it’s not the last “Poem by me”.


I didn’t get to read it, wish I did though. I enjoy your writing.


Why you changed it?


You did it, I read something about “childish”, maybe @chigokurosaki can tell me if I am wrong or not.


I was the last I think that read to. The original poem and I really like it showed a lot of emotion and I agree with @Mel_4 writing is a great way to get your feelings out so please don’t give up


Maybe I misunderstood the word.


Yeah I get that stay strong soilder. @rorybourdon


I guess I’ll have to find you on tumblr then ! :female_detective:


Who are they? Maybe we can find a solution to fix this.


I got it, thanks ! :hugs:
(But I think you should let it here for a couple more hours, because other people want to see more 'Poem by me" I think !)


Thank you I would love to see more poems by you


I never called it childish. It just made me think about something was all. I hope you don’t feel like I hated that and that you can’t write things here @rorybourdon. I didn’t mean it in a hurtful way.


I misunderstood the word, sorry. I was reading it when I distracted for a moment and then I had to reload the page, and the original one had gone.


Ok if that’s how you feel. But I like your poems myself.