No shipping rates could be found


I have problem with buying LPU 16 bundle. Always whena I want go to checkout, message appears: " No shipping rates could be found."

Anyone have this problem? I am from Slovakia.

Thank you for help.


I’ve seen a few others mention this. LPUHQ commented on the news about LPU16’s launch to email them at if you’re having this issue, so I would try that. Also include where you are trying to ship to


Same problem here. I already emailed and hope that it can be fixed soon.
I want the physical CD so badly…


Mail from LPU came this night. I try buy package right now and ot dont work. I wrote to fullscreendirect. I will wait for reply…


I am also from Slovakia and have the same problem. I don´t understand it, shipping to Slovakia has not been an issue before :frowning: