No support act uk?


Hey guys,

Do any of you know if LP have ever performed without a support at a tour gig? so far us UK guys haven’t had any sign of a support act listed or even mentioned :frowning: was hoping for a cool support act seeings as its festival time round here and everyones about.




It says special guests so we shall see.


Ah where did you see that? my tickets have no mention nor does the website of the venue (birmingham barclaycard arena)


Dunno about Birmigham, both London shows have special guests.


:pensive: ahh, thats not sounding promising then


The only time I’ve seen them without a support was back in 2003 at the Radio 1/LPU secret show at Rock City, Nottingham. I think that was only because the show was announced 7 days in advance.


Ive been searching the internet for info but no news on support for London yet.
Im hoping for a BIG name as it looks like their trying to keep it a secret.
30STM ??


That would be great if its a case of something big and they want to hide it, not sure it would be 30STM though as they seem to be in the US around those dates? ah man i just hope we get something, would be great for the uk to get a bit of a perk after all the bad times we’ve been going through recently.


It seems odd to withhold announcing the support given that none of the venues (even Brixton) are not sold out. It would be good promotion for them.

My sister wondered if Stormzy might make an appearance in London…


Yeah I’m shocked not any of the venues sold out, kinda sucks :(, hope theres still plenty of atmosphere! can’t believe after the manchester event being cancelled that birmingham isn’t sold out still, i mean thats two close by cities combined and they still can’t fill 16/17,000 capacity… :frowning: stormzy will do the london show if he’s in the country id say for sure. just gutted that so far we have no support bands! big ticket prices for no bonus of a support act.


Birmingham is close to selling out


you sure? Still rear standing available.


I said close to, not sold out.


But there’s the seated tickets too. Its been rear standing best available for about 10 days. Not sure if its even close to sold out yet


I don’t think seating sold out at Manchester last tour now that you mention it. My wife and I were debating going up until the week of the show… So maybe none of them will sell out completely, but standing usually does.


Manchester tickets had special guests mentioned as well but the Birmingham ones don’t… Stormzy would be amazing, maybe he’ll do the Brixton one?


Beginning to lose all hope now. 7 days to go and still no announcement of support act. It’s either someone special or no one at all…


Really will be gutted if theres nothing at all. What happens if there is nothing? early show time? :frowning:


Or somebody not very good. I’d appreciate an early show, cos I’d be able to get a train home instead of paying £60 on a taxi. lol


I’d like to know this too, because if it’s an early finish I’ll be able to get a train home instead of paying for parking at the 02! Also have the M&G confirmations been sent out?