Nobody can replace you, chester bennington!


Olyver announced it on twittwr that he´ll be performing w/linkin park this October 27th.-


Well this is a good question cause if we and they wants Linkin Park go on, they need a new vocals unfortunately there is nothing to do. Yea i know it’s hard to replace Chester cause his voice was so amazing and fans, like me, will find it hard to get used to a new vocal part. For Oliver Skyes i think it’s not confirmed so he will be never Chester’s successor


I imagine he is singing for this concert alone. Then the band will either start making new music as a 5…disband…or take a year+ off…


I just can’t see a future for the band as LP


Linkin park will not replace chester he was family to them and they love hem forever. They know that only chester voice was the best even if they get another singer it not chester.


Will probably just be a one off, if you ask me, I think they are more likely to continue making music as a five piece because simply no one can replace Chester


The best way is to find an unknown artist. whoever replaces Chester has some very big shoes to


You might be right. Mike might be the lead singer and with hem it still be
good. Because Mike can sing. But i feel they mostly have chester
picture on everything.


Oh hell yea they do No one can’t be chester. And i believe that he the only one I’ll ever love


Ugh i don’t know about hem at all. I stll think mike can do better. Chester had this one of the kind voice that u can’t replace


Nobody can replace Chester. We all understand that. But it would also be a tremendous shame and waste for the band to disband. I liken the situation to Foreigner finding a new lead after Lou Graham died. They had some great music with the new lineup, and eventually people accepted the new guy taking his place in the band understanding he wasn’t going to be Lou Graham. But ain’t nobody gonna ever be able to beat or even match Chesters’ screamin’. Especially for length like in Given Up. Yeah, the whole Foreigner thing probably dates me as an old fart, but LP’s music hits me as good as Foreigners’. Just as Chester’s death has hit me as hard as Lou’s did.


No one will naver ever replace chester . He had a voice like no other no noe can’t scream like chester for a long amount of time like he could .