Non-commercial game using LP song as Background Music


First of all, Chester is a legend, he’ll live forever in our hearts.

Secondly, I want to save the memories about him in my daily routines.
I’m making a mobile game which will be completely free (no Advertisements, no In-App Purchase, free download… I won’t make any money from it).
I’m wondering if I can use any song of LP as background music (for example: New Divide) but I don’t know how to contact the band or the agent. This game is for my friends, so we can spend time together playing and listening to our favorite band of all time, LP.

Is there any chance of me getting an approvement from them ? Please guide me !
Thanks for spending your precious time reading this.


Dude… sorry
But i don’t think it’s the right time…


Yeah, I think you’re right.
Sorry for the post


Let us or them trying to remove the pain from the unbelievable event right now for several days so not this time…