North American meet & greets?


When should I expect to be able to enter a m&g lottery for Cincinnati?


When the tour gets closer, and even then they only come out a short while before your actual show.


I mean I’ve been to an LPU meet and greet before, and I was happy with the experience. I just don’t know when they usually open up lotteries.


A bit off topic but what’s it like? Is there much time and open or like file through? Haha


In my experience, we all waited in a room until the guys came in. Then they each went around the room and signed 1 thing for you. And it is kinda rushed, but I still had enough time to say a few things to each member. They’re so friendly and easy to talk to! :smiley:


Sweet :grin:
I’ve got a good chance at the meets over here so I’m excited, I was curious about guests aka kids cause I’m taking little bro as birthday present but it’ll suck if I go in and leave him out lol
Either way we’d probably freeze up once they walk in lol
Are you still in front of line over there? Best of luck both in presale and lotteries!


Thank you:sunglasses::grin:


I’m juggling back and forth between 1st 2nd and 3rd place, so it’s looking good at the moment! I’d love to have the opportunity to meet them again.


Did they just change some of the dates?! :triumph: :weary: Tahoe was sep 1, now it’s a day before :confused:


What are the chances to be selected, and how long is a m&g? like is there time to take pictures with the members?


Chances are random, depends on number of LPU members signing up. MnG in whole takes a long time. It last damn near an entire set of the other bands playing. The time with LP is pretty decent compared to the past, you get a few minutes with each members to talk while they sign what you want and move on. There is a group photo only. Last MnG I was at it was heavily preached to not only to not take pictures but do not even have your phone out. Time is a factor here and when you press band members for a personal photo you are in an essence taking time away from another LPUer to spend with the members.