North American Presale


This presale for the North American tour has given me so much anxiety but gosh I love this band. And the setlist for Buenos Aires looked downright amazing. I’m so excited for this album and this tour, ya feel?


I am also so excited! Last time they came to my city, I was too young to attend a concert. So glad they’ll be back after 6-7 years.

What’s the setlist you mentioned for Buenos Aires?


lplive on twitter live tweeted the entire setlist and watched a live stream of it. Apparently there are new outros and intros for songs and it’s madness.


oh I found it! O.O I’m so hyped now!!


Did anyone get an email or text yet for your unique presale code or whatnot?


Nope, not yet.


Nothing, yet.


No email or text here. I have been checking & rechecking my email all day. I don’t think I’ve ever logged into my account this often in one week, let a lone one day! LOL


nope. and I believe this presale is made up, since tickets are already available to purchase thru ticket cosmo


I think there are seats held specifically for Fans. The Montreal show shows tix available in certain sections only and none sold in closer to the stage or more direct locations. Find it hard to believe that LP would have a presale that essentially awarded the fans with terrible seats …


Where did you find that they held special seats tho?


They better have special seats and prices too. This contest was a joke.


This is ridiculous. It’s 8:10PM here on the east coast and no email or text yet. This whole thing was done so poorly and whoever thought of this idea should be ashamed of themselves.


Ok guys I contacted LPUHQ and I was told that:

“Password comes tomorrow at 6am PST.”

Sigh. Well, hopefully this eases some minds tonight -__-


Thanks for the update! I can finally stop checking every half an hour lol


Lol same! :grimacing:


The news about the password matches this, so that’s not new:

“For purchasing tickets, you will receive your unique offer code the morning of the presale on Tuesday, May 9.”

I was a bit concerned with this though:

“On Monday, May 8, you will receive an email or text notification containing timing details and a link to where you can purchase your tickets.”



Just an assumption I made based on where I was seeing ticket availability .v. no availability. Will know if I was correct tomorrow … I can say with certainty that Tix for the Montreal show, are not officially on sale as none of the official outlets have active sale links up.


Lol way ahead of you and already sent an email on that as well. Just awaiting a reply! Ugh


Did they say anything about timing details& link they were supposed to send today?