Not Leaving For Good


I am not leaving for good. I am going through a very tough time with my family. We are homeless. I will check in every now and again when I can. LPU and some other LP fans have been so welcoming to me and I thank you for that. The more I learn about Linkin Park the more I love them. I can see why they have said they have the best fans in the world because we are. I have made so many friends since I welcomed Linkin Park into being my favorite band of all time.
I went searching for friends and found a family
Take care guys and I’ll keep in touch the best I can


Take care and welcome back if the time is right.
LPU family is wonderful community who will always wlecome back their lost children with open arms.


Take care, and whenever you come back, you’re welcome here anytime.


Take care and remember , you’re always welcome here, in our LP family


All the best, and no matter when you return, we’ll always be here for you.


Homeless? I thought you finally found a place :disappointed:

Hope it will work out for you somehow. Wish we could do more, but know that you can always vent here :slight_smile:

Stay strong and don’t be a stranger, ok? :wink:


Damn, I hope things go well for you :slight_smile:

We’ll be here (we’ve got nowhere better to go). :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys are going to make me cry. :sob: I’ll check in, even if I need to go to McDonald’s. Nothing can keep me away from here. You guys are awesome.

I may having something working itself out.


Sorry to hear about your situation Jess. Hope everything works out for you. Wishing you and your family all the best.


I’m so sorry to hear about this. Wishing everything works out


Thank you guys


be strong and always remember that when one door of happiness closes another one opens :wink:


awwww don’t worry things will get better for you and your family @jessicarister keep in touch okay love ya


I just wanted to check in. We will be leaving Bradenton, Florida to head to Melbourne, Florida. It is about a five hour drive. I will check in again once we arrive.
I don’t know where we will be this week, but it is better than to live one more moment at the place where I am at, as strange as that may sound.


Try to find a cheap hotel maybe?


We made it OK. We are staying with my father in law for the weekend and maybe a tad bit longer. We are meeting with a program who helps families become self sufficient on Monday. Hopefully, all goes well with that.


you see that’s what we call
Ask Believe Receive
so believe and you shall receive


I wanted to share this here as well:

When I left a really bad place I saw this sign I never saw before. Your music was playing in the car. At that moment I felt ok.


Hey everyone,
I got the latest update. It went really well with the program we are trying to get into. The only problem is we have to wait our turn and don’t know how long we will have to wait. We are going to try to stick it out until then. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long because we really need for this to happen. We are staying with my husband’s dad right now, but his landlord may not want us to. So, everything is still up in the air until they contact us.


have hope and everything would be fine take care :wink: :+1: :muscle: be strong too