Nothing we can do for you MEXICANS


So i bought my membership on june 15th but i haven´t recieved it … i contacted ground control 4 times and all they can say its “SORRY” " IT UNFORTUNATE , BUT THERE´S NOTHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU " … That´s not solving anything . And it´s upseting to think how unfair its for us who purchased the membership on time that we will have to wait in line with everybody else .
Also , we Mexicans are very intense haha and people are camping outside the venue !!! On top of that i live 8 hours away by car from Mexico city and i wont be able to camp , wich means im not gonna see anythig as i am a very short person .

I got sick out os stress so i convinced my parents to buy me a new membership and pay for the UPS Express mail ( very expensive) , and when i called , GC sayd that they dont do express shipping to México .

And LPUhq says that i wont get granted the early entrance unless i have my Laminate …
This ir really unfair !!!


eh, it’s not for mexicans, believe me…
Most of stuff is US only, but hopefully you can deal with this.
On the laminate there is written in small letters: The limited edition laminate for commemorative purposes only. Laminate does not gain or authorize access into Linkin Park concert venues, VIP or any backstage areas. how about bringing the printed receipt of your order?