Nova Rock 2012 Meet & Greet


hey there!

Just would like to know who went to the particular M&G.
Who did I meet and who I did miss? :smiley: ://


they r a sleep now


Well i was not there,but i’ve seen the whole thing through Phoenix’s eyes :smiley:


hehe, great skills Fábio! :smiley:

…yeah, I think you are right Zee. I should go to bed too :smiley:


I can’t believe that they r still a sleep !!!


I WAS! LENKA WAS SDKFADKGFADSJFLKADSJFKADSLFJ It was amazing :3 Konstantin was, Silvana was, Monique was, Michael was uhm… idk some people added me, but i forgot their names.


ooh, and who is that Michal? :smiley:


Hey! I was there! :smiley:


Me, u saw me :smiley: Hahahahaha… I hope we can find everyone who joined the M&G!!


still a sleep [smile][smile][cry]


yeah :smiley: …but a girl with the nickname Madita replied to me, on my profile!!


Hi, guys!
Yes. It was magnificent))
But I have a question: who this girl in a white shirt on center? She photographed all of us with LP before Adam. I want to find her that to take the photo with LP on memory.

Maybe anybody can help me?