Numb, 1 Billion Views?


885 170 657 views


Start of July views already going straight up…


Well, we are only on the 2nd of July and we have got more views on these past 2 days than the past week


Less then 15 million to go before the 20th I think we can do this


Sorry that I haven’t watched a whole lot, and probably won’t be able to here this month either. I will try to watch some before then, but its just harder for some to listen to their music than others, especially during this month I’m sure. I hope this just passes as another day and people can enjoy things, not be feeling miserable. Remember for anyone here, you can always come here to feel good and be cheered up, you don’t have to go through this or anything else alone, you have a family here that loves you.


There’s no need to apologise to us. We all understand your feelings. I still can’t listen to One More Light especially the album version and the live version at Birmingham.


888 611 425 views


890 443 237 views

Less than ten to go before the 20th


We can do it! :heart:️:heart:️


Right now it hits 1 Million per day… :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! :heart:️:heart:️



Just less than 10 days to go and with around 7 million views needed.

We can do this!




This is getting fast


Over 896 million views now!


We are so close we can do it




Impressive effect! Every time I refresh the count has jumped up by such significant numbers :clap:


897 135 879 views