Numb, 1 Billion Views?




898 024 107 views

we are going to do this






wow less then a million to go

we are going to do it @raz7


I forgot to ask the reason to increase Numb’s views, someone can explain it, please? And why not In The End?


Because numb is closer to a billion then in the end


You mean 100 million? lol


well goal one was to get 900 million before july 20th
then a billion before the end of the year


We are going it as a tribute to Chester but me and my parents chose the idea of Youtube views as at the time, not many rock songs have reached over a billion views. We started from around 450 million views and now we are nearly double that.


Technically speaking fin the next 12 hours we should be over 900 000 000 views


To reach the Billion before the end of the year will be tough


Actually, to get 100 million views, we need around 3 to 4 months so it will take us to the end of November but the more views we can get in July, the better our chances will be.



Last 25.000!


900 050 169 views

we did it :heart_eyes:
next goal a billion


:clap: :heart:️ well done!!


We are on the home straight. 1 billion views! We can get there. If anyone would like to put a date to which we can aim it for, please put one below


november 20th

that gives 4 months


How about November 19th? :joy::sweat_smile:


Lol nah nothing special happens that day :joy::rofl:

How about the 25th? :thinking:
It’s a more solid number, there’s even a coin with that value :thinking: :joy: