Numb, 1 Billion Views?


No, I wouldn’t.

And for the other things, I listen to it like 5-7 per day (more now that I have a lot of free time).


I am listening to the song only because I support the cause. I havent heard any other LP song in the meantime. I prefer playing artists at irregular intervals. It helps me maintain their charms.


Doesn’t surprise me at all. I do the same. I do a LP marathon then I play another artist. Right now, I’m listening to Ghost to see if any of their songs are any good


I tried Ghost a month or two ago, not really my sort of thing. I’ve been doing a Tool discography run over the past couple of days, they’re not bad.






Can we get to 950 million before Monday?


If Numb obtains a million view por day, it’s possible.


I really needed to hear Numb today. Thank you to the best band for making such a mind blowing song.


950M. Target 95% complete.


That’s ridiculous!!! :star_struck::sweat_smile: awesome :grin::tada:


I look at this video and wonder “WTF were those 131K people thinking?”. They Cant Understand Normal Things.


Those 131K people don’t know what good music is


Got a new member helping us outt with our goal.

Let’s welcome @CCBforever1988LP! :heart:️:heart:️


@CCBforever1988LP welcome


Thank you! :heart:
I’ve been helping since 2017 when I saw this, but new to the forums lol
Thank you @raz7 for all the updates, and for starting this!


We are getting there guys! Please keep watching


You’re welcome! :heart:️:heart:️:+1::+1:


This is still going on?? :joy:


Yes it is. And we won’t stop! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: