Numb, 1 Billion Views?



Why is the count of negative votes on the song is at 132M? Is it using some different counting system?


Because the people who disliked the video don’t know good music



@amitrish It’s in Spanish, mil in Spanish is thousand. 132k


M is million, MIL is thousand. That’s convenient. :yum:


954,910,847 views now :smiley:


Imagine Dragons Radioactive is catching up behind us. They are on 950 million views, just under 5 million views behind us




Linkin Park is so much better than Imagine Dragons honestly. They have some good songs, but come on, LP is one of the few bands I like where I actually love every song.


i agree there one of the very few bands i can listen to all the songs they did without changing it their all so good


955 959 174 views




I wish we could find out who has last post :joy:




96% complete. Took 12 days to complete 1%. We will reach 1B by Oct end if we expedite.


It will definitely be at a billion views in October!


Also, thank you to everyone who is involved in this project. We would not be here without your help. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


getting there!