Numb, 1 Billion Views?


Over 962 million views.



Almost there less then 38 million to go we can do this


We can do this.

BTW, everytime I see this bit of the video, I always think that I wish I was there to help the girl.


Yeah hate people being casted out because their different

that’s why I like it so much here I can be me and you guys appreciate me for me



Hey! Stop charging your phone.


My battery isn’t good lol


Well that’s just stalkerier than me liking people’s posts right Away :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:


I knew someone would notice :upside_down_face:


Better than my screenshots where I usually have 5% lol


Keeping it plugged in isn’t going to charge it past 100% lol. The phone cuts charging automatically otherwise your battery goes boom.


The battery itself holds no charge
That’s the issue :upside_down_face: it’ll show full but hardly any juice


Lol, I know that obviously :joy: but after so many months of having the phone and charging it, the battery eventually starts to die faster, this is the problem they haven’t fixed and probably never will.




They’re getting better and better at having more recharge cycles in a battery’s life :upside_down_face:
The cars are pushing that boundary faster than normal

This is probably best in another topic :sweat_smile:


Nah it is not. I noticed which was there for observation. You hide, lurk and attack immediately when someone had posted. That is scary.

@chigokurosaki what I have noted is that the best way to keep batteries last longer is to start charging them to max starting from when they are about to die. Like start at 2% and unplug as soon as it reaches 100%. Works like a charm.


That’s because they degrade as they age. Fast chargers help speed up the degradation process.



969 639 179 views


After another 12days, we have have completed another 1%. 970M views. 97% done.