Numb Acapella - Incredible


Has anyone heard this, it is truly amazing. Just proves further how Chester is one of the best vocalists of his generation, let alone all time. You want to hear, click on this link:


It’s against the rules to post unofficial downloads to official material. You might wanna purge that link


Sure @triplero [hi Jordan btw] is right, but me, I didn´t knew this and like it very much, it is on an open download-plattform, seeable for EVERYBODY on SC
so @tripleXero and @lpuhq why not sharing here? I understand the post of Derek the other way round, not to post inofficial or only lpu-exclusives anywhere? HELP; I´M LOST IN TRANSLATION; pl a clear announcement, even for the dumd like me, …lol :blowfish:


Because it shouldn’t be on Soundcloud, either. Just because it’s posted in a certain location, doesn’t mean that it’s any less illegitimate


but where do I [as a ´user´] get the info, if it is right or wrong, and where may be the official plattform, you can watch it? Seems me dumb at this theme… @TripleXero


It’s not really able to be individually downloaded or bought at the moment, it is a file within the game Rock Band. Each instrument in the song, plus vocals, is broken up, so for example, if you stop playing the guitar parts, the guitar stops playing, so if none of the instruments are being played, nothing but vocals is played

Linkin Park has released acapellas for Living Things and The Hunting Party, so it’s possible they will release them for easier download eventually


ah ok, learned again, thanx Jordan @TripleXero, so they never released such ACAPELLA versions, like mb unplugged on MTV [old school but cool, lol rhyming threat me rem :leaves:]