Numb performed by me and my band


This is me and my band Highway, performing Numb from Linkin Park at New Year’s Eve 2012-2013 in Town Square, Srbobran, Serbia. That night was really cold, it was -5c (23f). Watch it and leave any comment if you like it. Happy New Year and tnx to guys from Linkin Park.

Dejan Ilic


That was very nice. Well done!


Tnx :))


Amazing ! ;D I tried to do something like this in my band too but don’t like LP so much ;(


That’s too bad. Playing Linkin Park songs is quite a fun :slight_smile: Hope you can change their mind !!!
Anyway, thank you for the comment :smiley:


I hope so :wink: If you would play another LP song please share it :slight_smile:


Nice cover!! If you have more, post it :smiley:


Tnx. We have more LP songs. But didn’t played it live, yet. As soon as we got that on video I’ll post it right here :))


Oh I Like it
I hope comes new vids :slight_smile:


Sounds good!


I’m glad you liked it :)) We are preparing one more song from LP to play :))


If you decide to post about it here, please only make one thread in one forum. I deleted all your others of this.


Sure, NP.


That was a great cover :smiley: your band are really cool :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your kind words :))))


almost as good as the real thing. keep at it


Tnx. :)) Appreciate it


Where is a new one, I’m still waiting ;D
Btw, my band accepted to play instrumental Breaking a Habit when I show them your cover ;D So, I don’t really know why but thank you :slight_smile:


Odlično! :smiley:


Nice, very nice, i like it !!!