NZ Summit, I need Help!


Last weekend someone broke into my car and stole my wallet which had my photo ID(driver’s License) in it. I ordered a replacement on Monday but it can take up to three weeks to arrive. I don’t have any other photo ID. Would my birth certificate be acceptable?


I’d imagine so…when you think that and generally one other form of ID (neither have to be photo) can get you a passport in Aust then it should ok.

Why don’t you email them and ask just in case - itd be terrible to get a summit spot and not be allowed in!


Just did a bit more surfing on the site and found a forum by Adam named “Your M&G Questions Answered”. Adam seems to be the guy giving out info on the M&Gs.

Unfortunately for you in one of the FAQ’s it states it must be Photo ID…

What about other forms of photo ID? Do u have (or can get quickly) a student card, membership to a gym that has photo ID?..Just thoughts - hope it helps?


I can’t get a student card as I’m not a student, and I’m not forking out unnecessary money to get a gym membership just for a photo. I have a temporary driver’s license which is still an official document but that doesn’t have a photo.


Just suggestions - your call…


Get a passport photo taken. Go see a JP with your temp drivers licence and ask them to sign a declaration form declaring the photo is of you.
This is legal photo identification


Sweet someone at work suggested that too. I just hope that they’ll accept it.


I would highly recommend messaging Adam though to be 100% certain that he will allow that