O2 London 24th November 2014 (M&G)


Hello everyone, who else is going for concert Tonight?
Is there anyone for meet and greet? I have been selected for meet and greet but still waiting for final confirmation mail regarding Meet and Greet Location and time.


Yeah same here I in London and I waiting all day for the email


ooh I am not alone, hope they send it on time.


Same here, I didn’t sleep all night cause I was that buzzed for it


Still waiting for an email and it is now 16.45. Think I will go down to the 02 for around 17.30 and see what I can find out.


Yean No mail so far, Guys i am leaving my number here, in case if anyone of you gets any detail, please share it with me.
+44 7448894487 Thanks


Glad to hear it was not jus me. I will see what I can find out as I will be leaving soon.


Just got the email. Meet at 7.15pm sharp at block 110. See you all there.


yeah finally got a mail, see you guys yo