Oberhausen Show / M&G / Meeting LPuers


Here a quick review from the show!

My buddy Crusher (also from LP) picked me up at around 1pm and we drove to Oberhausen, which is not far away (20min with car).
When we got there, we walked around the arena without seeing anyone :smiley:
They were all on one side of the arena, sitting in the sun.
I met alot of old LPU friends and also new friends!
We had a great time there, it was warm and everbody was checking the early entry side here on LPU to get the information where to meet.
Once the information was online, everybody jumped up and ran like hell to get there.
Man, we were exhausted. The spot was at the “Backentrance lounge” entry.
There i met some other guys for example anvanoppens and blackchester and anaphx.
Nice guys!
We had to wait about an hour or so to get in and we spent the time waiting to listen to some LP!
When we got in, Lulu all greeted us and said hello and guided us to the inside of the arena.
We ran so we could make it to the first row! I was first row, dead to the center! Pretty awesome spot!
But i had a M&G that night so i was afraid i might lose the spot (same as my buddy crusher), but the people there were super friendly and reserved our spots until we come back! THANK YOU GUYS!

We went to the M&G and saw a lot of LPUers at the Meeting Point!
We said hello to everyone and also painted a german flag with “WE ARE LPU” to give it to the band to put on Mikes Keyboard.
Lulu came and checked our names and we went to the Meet and Greet.
We all had to stay together to make the photo and then the band came in! We were all super excited to see them. Joe immidietly started to give autogramms.
Once this was done we had to form an “U” so the band walked past everyone to sign everything.
I wore my Hybrid Theory Band tshirt and had the HTEP with me, and each of the members were impressed and said thank you!
Phoenix asked me how long i had this shirt and told me that it is one of the first shirts they had ever done! That was impressive!
When chester came, i gave him a Grey Daze tshirt i had for quite some time. It felt right to give him that and show him my dedication. He was very lucky about that!

BUT! One thing wasn’t that good. Joe did forget to sign my and my buddies item. I realized that later.

After the meet and greet Lulu brought us back to the arena.
My buddy and i started our way through the people to get to the first row again. It was simple first but then the people started to get pissed.
Well, who cares. I’m LPUer dude.

The show was crazy! They put so much energy in it, it was unbelievable!
Sam was running down at the stage and was filming us.
At one point i sung so loud in his camera that he seemed so impressed that he gave me a setlist from the show!

It was a wonderul evening with lot of cool friends and some kick ass music!
Cannot wait to see the boys live again!