October 27th event: looking for an accommodation


I’m from germany and I’m looking for an accomodation during my stay. Is there someone who can help oder someone who can offer sth / put me up?


Just book an hotel FGS


Thx for your advice.


Air b&b is good for cheaper stays also


I know 2 girls coming from Germany and searching for accommodation, maybe I can get you in touch with them


Would be nice if you do so :slight_smile:


Hey german soldier @murkel7, me from Germany too, where do you fly from and when?


@theearlywalker 25.10. from Berlin. You?


I’m asking them if I can leave your their profiles’ link in order to get in touch! I’ll come back to you soon


Hey guys, the first girl is Mary > www.facebook.com/scarymadmary
Still waiting for the ok to share her profile from the other one.


Here is the second girl www.facebook.com/lilo.mo.5623, if I’m not wrong she’s departing from Dusseldorf of Frankfurt. @murkel7


Thank you ! Guess I have to use my husband’s account on fb because I don’t have one :smiley: Thx again!