Official LPU 12 Trailer


So we have an official LPU 12 trailer!
kudos to the fellow LPUer who made it. This reminded me of those good old ones which the band made typically before the next year, now after all these years we are on a whole new level!


My bad, the embed link didn’t work? Well hopefully derek or a mod can add it.


i like it!
especially the lines they used

‘we are the elite’'


Oh yeah, I like it too! :slight_smile:


Its pretty cool that it fanmade and still looks professional on top.


Embedded links haven’t worked since LPU12 launched (along with some of the other bugs with the forums)

The only thing I personally think the video could have used was the details of the membership package, like the older promos had.


Superb ! Thanks :slight_smile:


oooh yessss really good :D!