Ok big issue with all that did the HYATT HOTEL RESERVATIONS. READ ASAP


I’m emailing you in reference to your rooming list and credit card numbers, we tried to input the individuals credit card numbers all but 2 individuals David Aponte & Anthony Schwickrath came back as invalid

So everyone else that said they gave CC numbers, need to call ASAP, everyone but those two people above had CC numbers that were invalid. Please contact them ASAP and myself so I can try to straighten this out. Thanks


How bizarre! I just called Ashley, and she confirmed that “it went through this time.” No idea what the issue was, but one down, at least!

For everyone who still needs to call, I’ve pasted the contact information from the original thread below. It was a quick and painless process; they just pulled up the reservation and entered the info.

Ashley Ayers
Sales Administrative Assistant
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing
201 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215-521-6546 F: 215-521-6543 E: ashley.ayers@hyatt.com

Tracy Hammill
Catering Administrative Assistant
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn�s Landing
201 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215-521-6537 F: 215-521-6543 E: tracy.hammill@hyatt.com


Yeah yours is in, I just talked to Jordana and ashley, I dont know why yours or the others didnt go through. So anyone planning on going just please call and give your information again so they can approve your cards. We should be fine, she said dont worry about it, as long as everyone comes and has there cards worst case that day, we can pay for them there, I am just in a contract with them so if people do not show up at all I will pay for them. This should have been covered awhile ago, not scaring me 10 days before LOL

So if you are not David Aponte, Anthony Schwickrath, or mary, then please contact ashley or the hyatt and give them your CC information or verify it so we are good to go. You can use the information Mary just pasted, or call and say your with LPU for the group rooms. Also this rep is there now and you can also contact her.

Jordana Neumann
Director of Catering / Convention Services
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn�s Landing
201 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19147
T: 215-521-6561 F: 215-521-6543 E: jordana.neumann@hyatt.com



Thats weird that there was problems.I just trying calling both Ashley and Tracy and neither answered so I’ll try calling again tomorrow and will confirm as soon as I get ahold of one of them


Yeah its east coast so during the day tomorrow is probably best. Yes to have everyone except for two validated surprised me. Mary called and got it fixed no problems, so hopefully the rest will too so it will be no problems by the end of this week. I have the rooms under my card which is why I want to get everyone covered before 3 days before the event so I dont get charged. As long as everyone pays and shows up it will work out great.

You can call JORDANA too, thats who I have been working with this week.
215-521-6561 F: 215-521-6543 E: jordana.neumann@hyatt.com


I called and she said I was all taken care of. Hopefully this time it’s true!


Ok so everything is set and confirmed for me as well.


I heard Mohommad was taken care of, let me check on you two. Cody emailed me and is supposed to call the hyatt as well. Hopefully I will know tomorrow and have at least 8 confirmations and I will post who is confirmed AGAIN. I dont understand what the issue was with the validation of CC, either numbers were taken down incorrectly or something, but most have seemed to respond and I have asked the hyatt for confirmation on who is confirmed now. Thanks for everyone that has called back, and if you havent yet please call ASAP.


Didn’t get time to do it today, we had a ridiculously busy day at the office. Completely forgot about something that was planned for today, so I apologize for stating I’d get it done today. I’ll try to get it done by the end of the week. If, for some absurd reason I can’t get it done before next Friday, I’m 150% going to show up and hand over my CC.

I know you’d get charged in that situation, Trinity, so I’m going to find some time over the next few days to get it done!


I also was not able to call in time to any of the three people on the list. I will call tomorrow during business hours & straighten my CC info out.



Got it done, and even added my Gold Passport to the reservation! Thanks again, Trinity


Yeah I really cant afford to get charged, and I cant exactly collect CC payments from anyone at the hotel at that point, so if everyone can get confirmed again that would be great. Thankd



Alain P.



Thanks, jordana confirmed your alain, ashley should get together with jordana and we should have most everyone re confirmed, some are telling me that got confirmation information this time as well. Thanks, and hopefully the two left will follow through. Nothing will stop this from being an awesome event.


My son and I will try to get ours done today or tomorrow for sure.


Yeah the sooner the better, I will get charged by 8-13, unless they are REALLLY NICE since I do feel this was a failure on there part with the cards, I cant imagine everyone called in with incorrect CC information, but never know. Hopefully they will at worst case, accept peoples cards at the hotel if a couple dont get the info in on time and not charge my card cuz ill be broke lol


No worries about my son and I’s CC. We will confirm it tomorrow with them bright and early in the morning.


Everyone is confirmed via email with jordan except for todd and zach. Todd sounds good, that will help, if zach shows up then he will hopefully just pay when he gets there. Thanks everyone for jumping back on this and confirming what I believe to be a HYATT mistake not ours, but looks like it will all work out. Much appreciated.


Any word on transportation now that the summit starts at 9am? I believe someone posted elsewhere that the ferry doesn’t start until 9:30, so there goes that plan. Any ideas?


Well, actually … assuming not everyone will be there at 9 sharp (some earliest buses only get to Philly at 8:50, or any other reason), and it will take a little while for everyone to check in, we can still either:

-just take the ferry at 9:30 and get there at 9:40 ish bc the M&G probably won’t start until 10.
-Meet at 30th st station and take the metro to Broadway station then walk 0.6 miles to the venue (all together bc its dangerous zone)
-carpool with people that have cars at Hyatt (or other place) if they’re ok with it.

Any other ideas?