Ok how to find users from the same country?


On subject… There’s been like 5 years without this feature on LPU. And I still can’t find this here, would be pretty useful.


oh i would like to know about this too
can come in handy!


agreed, as well as seeing who is online. this way we can have more conversations without going 4 days.


Haaa okay people, there’s an easy cheat to do this, in community > LPU Members, type the country name in empty search box on the left. It will list people who filled country in their profiles. But this way - still lame.

Man, I think I’ll come up with large post on features to add to LPU


just have to scroll over profile pics like the rest of us


Agreed we need this feature :ok_hand:t3::blue_heart::heartbeat:


Six years later lol :joy:,

and if you just get a bit into this site you will find threads from the diffrent continents and countries… and you are always free to just create a new thread and ask ppl from your country to show up… for me that’s enough and works