Okay, this is becoming annoying now


Any news on the UK Tour, like anyone? Haven’t heard anything, but need to know as i’m gonna jump right on the tickets as soon as they’re available, really looking foward to my first LP Concert.

Has anyone heard anything on the dates or when its happening? Can we pre-order the tickets yet?

Btw, wasn’t sure if this is the right place to post it, I guess I don’t come here a lot ;).


Dude, just chill and wait. When the dates will be announced you’ll see them. Just be patient.


yeah revo right. just wait a bit:) they come 4 u:)


We really can just wait, but I hope there will be some tourdates in february


If there were tour dates in February, they’d have announced them by now. As it they’re spending February in Australia for the Soundwave tour. I reckon they’ll go to Asia in March, and then the UK in April. At least, that’s what I hope.


Hopefully, I’ve just been waiting for too long. :L


You know who’s been waiting a long time…Alaska.


People of New Zealand didn’t beg LP to come play a concert here, they are coming though and they are having a summit. Be patient.