Old Lyrics, New Meaning


Crawling is my favourite song; it has been for as long as I can remember. Last night I was laying in bed listening to Linkin Park and the lyrics in Crawling registered with me on a whole new level. “Fear is how I fall. Confusing what is real.” That is my greatest struggle at the moment, summed up in less than 10 words. I don’t know how it is that their music develops with me, but it does. The songs might be saying different things to me now, but they’re just as relevant in my late twenties as they were in my adolescence. These songs are gifts that keep on giving. It’s incredible. What are your experiences with finding new meaning in old Linkin Park song lyrics?


I can’t yet say for LP. But I can say that for me, as someone who grew up with Nirvana as a functioning band, Kurt Cobain’s lyrical meanings have not changed for me, overall. I don’t put on In Utero and read into it things that I didn’t before. It doesn’t make me more sad, it still brings joy. I still see all of the sadness he conveyed but I also hear all of the humor (like Spank Thru and much of Incesticide and Bleach). I supposed, in time, the same will be true for me for Chris Cornell and LP.


I guess all the LP songs that we hear will have, not a new meaning, but one more meaning.
Because we tend to relate the songs to what is happening in our lives. Now, all we listen we will relate to Chester’s passing. I know that all the lyrics are very deep, but we have to stay strong and not let it drag us down.
Only yesterday I felt comfortable to listen to their album again. All the songs had at least one phrase that I related to Chester. It made me sad for him, sad for what he had to passed through… But then I thought that now he is good. He is no longer suffering and free from his demons. And what keeps me going on is that I know that someday we all will be reunited again in eternity.


@blasko66 @taissacartolano I didn’t so much mean that we apply new meaning now due to his death. More so that we realise new meaning as we develop, if that makes sense? It’s so strange how you can listen to something 1,000 times and during time 1,001 you hear 5 words that blow your mind. It’s like figuring out where to fit a piece of the puzzle that was sitting in front of you all along…because you were ready to see [read: hear] it.


With You - Chesters Part defently had a new meaning for me


For me too. With you is one my favorite song.