OMG! I MADE THE TOP 10 for the LPU sessions


This is so freaking awesome!! PLEASE everyone vote for me! I’ve wanted a chance to make a song with Linkin Park for years!


you can view my youtube channel and hear my Linkin Park Remixes I’ve made and other songs of mine.

This is so awesome and anyone who votes for me, thank you so so much! I really hope I get this!


congrats, im shocked our band made it as well


I already voted for you, and I wrote on your YouTube video an hour ago about how your song was great. I love it. I have listened to it like 4 times already. I seriously hope you win.


Wow! Thank you so much Zach! I’m really glad you like my work.Please vote for me daily and tell your friends as well! I’m still a bit shocked I have this opportunity! Now it’s just up to everyone’s love and support!


Great song! You got my vote :slight_smile:
[signature]- Skive festival Denmark 2012


I love your song. I vote for you!


Woohoo! Thank you very much :smiley:


Congrats! I actually thought your submission and Save the Grace were the top 2. Good Luck!


Bad ass! Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked my entry :slight_smile:


This is so amazing I can just feel your excitement and how incredible this would be for you!! Congratulations, puts a smile on my face that LP takes the effort to do all these wonderful things for us LPU members, can’t even imagine what it would feel like to win especially from a musicians point of view, goodluck!!


Great song!..and i vote for you.